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The Gold Wave Trader & Forecast is a subscriber-based market letter, committed to providing an unbiased analysis of the Gold Market, trading primarily through the various Gold ETF’s.


My work is based primarily upon a cyclical analysis of the markets, along with various other technical factors - such as volume, sentiment, COT (commitment of traders) data, seasonal factors, also throwing in Gann turning points and even Elliott-Wave, when applicable.


The Gold market - like most other markets - is cyclical in nature.

However, studies have shown that between 92 and 100% of

Gold traders and market timing advisories are not able to beat

buy-and-hold. My goal is to time these up and down swings as

well as possible, using the multiplicity of Gold-related ETF’s that are now available.


The Gold-Wave Trader market letter is published three times

per week, on Sunday evening (for Monday’s session), Tuesday evening (for Wednesday’s session) and then again on Thursday evening (for Friday’s session). Reports are in PDF format and are sent out via email, on or after 9 pm eastern time. Actual Timing Signals are sent via e-mail, when triggered.


Also sent out via email is my short-term cyclic forecast chart

for the GLD - which is the projected path for the next two trading days (click here for a sample chart). These are for very short-term oriented traders who want to fine-tune their trades - or for day-traders who wish to take advantage of the intraday price swings.

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Disclaimer: The financial markets are risky. Investing is risky. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. The foregoing has been prepared solely for informational purposes and is not a solicitation, or an offer to buy or sell any security. Opinions are based on historical research and data believed reliable, but there is no guarantee that future results will be profitable.


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