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I am working on a whole series of e-books on the subject of cyclic and pattern analysis on the market, below
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The Volatility Reversal Method

This method is simply THE best for picking mid-term tops and bottoms in the stock market. This is a pattern that I originally discovered way back in the 1990’s - and it continues to work with regularity today! Though this pattern is not related to cyclic analysis, I do consider it to be the most important setup that I track in regards to the S&P 500 Index. Regardless of whether you are in a bull or bear market, it will alert you to larger-degree tops and bottoms - most of the times trades that are worth well over 100 S&P points from signal entry to signal exit.


All about Cycles and Moving Averages

The E-book goes into great detail in the use of moving averages and cycles, doing so in a format that is easy to understand, written for the layman. Requiring only basic math skills, the methods described can be used on virtually any charting program. Full of charts and illustrations, this e-book shows you every method that I personally know for using moving averages to extract as much information as possible in relation to a cycle analysis - most of which have never been written about before.

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