The Gold Wave Trader market letter uses cyclical analysis for determining trade direction for the gold market, along with the various gold ETF’s. I use both a daily and a weekly cyclic time projection model, looking to trade in the direction of the longer-term (weekly) forecast path. I also use Elliott-wave, at times, when shown to be applicable.

Along with the time cycle analysis, I also use a price projection method that is 80% accurate in forecasting upside and downside targets for any particular cycle that I track. Detailed statistical studies for each of the individual cycles that I track are used to provide information on how far each cycle will move - both in terms of price, and, just as importantly, in terms of time.

In addition to the above, I also using various other technical factors, such as volume, momentum, seasonal patterns - and sentiment for added confidence.

Both daily and weekly cyclic models are shown, which gives a projected future path for price, based upon the nominal cycles in the gold market - cycles that have been in the market for many decades and which show a good tendency to repeat in the future.

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The Gold Wave Trader market letter is published three times per week, on Sunday evening (for Monday’s session), Tuesday evening (for Wednesday’s session), and then again on Thursday evening (for Friday’s session). Reports are sent out via email, on or after 8 pm EST, and are in PDF format. Actual timing signals - when triggered - are also sent via e-mail, normally in the final 15 to 30 minutes of the session. I am normally looking for anywhere between 1-3 timing signals per month on the gold ETF’s, depending on how the overall market action lines up.


As noted above, I also use other forms of technical (and fundamental) analysis to guide along the forecasts and

Trades - things such as balance-point lines, Gann turns,

Sentiment, Trader Commitments, etc. However, my primary work deals with time cycles and volume, and then a detailed pattern analysis of the cyclical components - along with the forecast path that is shown in my daily and weekly models.

Short Term Outlook.
Daily/Weekly Forecast.