For traders with a very short-term mindset, each evening I send out via email the short-term swing forecast of
the GLD (i.e., the primary gold-tracking ETF). This chart shows the projected path for the next two trading days.
The software that I have developed deciphers the most dominant short-term cycles in the gold market, and then
combines these cycles to make the forecast chart that you get each evening. Note that the charts are not
forecasting price directly, they are projections for time - and for determining approximate periods of
Expected strength and weakness in the market. A sample chart is shown below:

Although the short-term forecast charts are not perfect - as very short-term movements are very hard to
project - you will often find them to be uncannily accurate. Traders can use them to fine-tune trades in the
gold futures or the various ETF’s; day-traders will find them particularly helpful.

The above chart is sent out after the 8 pm EST close each evening, and come with a paid subscription
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